Slim Vic – Finnskogen

The album Finskogen is an instrumental story about the inaccessible forest lands in western Gästrikland where Skogsfinnar (Swedish Finns) were populated in the early 17th century. The mythical Finns practiced swidden farming and were able to handle such a dangerous fire. Many came ashore in the port of Gävle and then populated the forest west of Sweden all the way to the Norwegian border.
The album takes inspiration from stories and the traces that the forest Finns have left behind.
The album began during an art residency in the summer of 2019 when 15 artists with different expressions gathered in Jädraås to learn, be inspired and work artistically on the theme Finnskogen. http://gavleborg.konstframjandet.se/projekt/konstnarlig-samling-i-finnskogen/

Released August 18 2022
Cat nr: lamour160dig
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Mastered by Joakim Westlund

01 – Går i land (Gävle hamn)
02 – Svedjebruket (Part 1)
03 – Velgunaho (Poltergeist)
04 – Finnskogen 190706 01.30
05 – Mieskuva (Mansbild)
06 – Vall
07 – Ändlös-Olles hemlighet
08 – Trollstaven (Vit magi)
09 – Finnskogen 190706 03.00
10 – Svedjebruket (Part 2)

The album was first released on cassette via ‘Do you dream of Noise’ spring 2022