Slim Vic – Live at Jordens Undergång

A crowd of nearly a hundred people struggle against the icy autumn wind, finding their way between the outcrops towards the narrow, fire-lined path that disappears into the mountain. On stage, dressed in a white shirt with sleeves rolled up and hair tightly combed back, Slim Vic keeps his gaze fixed on the audience. In front of him is a double DJ setup with turntables and mixer. From out of the fog, a haze of color and shadows, the music emerges and rumbles through the bunker until bats are woken and sweep over the heads of the audience.

The end of the world was staged by the Push festival on October 12, 2019 in an abandoned facility hidden in a mountain outside Söderhamn. For just over 30 minutes, we are treated to a live sound collage with music from previously published works and new compositions custom made for this very special day.


Mastered av Joakim Westlund
Photo: Elin Hjulström Lord
Artwork: RolfCarlWerner
Cat nr: lamour113dig