Slim Vic – Mörkrets Narr Remixed

Slim Vic’s farewell album to the dark ambient genre is now transformed into a beat-based universe where trance music and electronica with trip-hop influences can occur. Oort Cloud Services and Svensk Hushållssynth are both heroes in the Swedish underground scene where the collective and helpful take place and be celebrated. We could call the remixes fan remixes, but since the friendship is more profound than that, they become both an extension and a deepening of an exchange where the good forces go side by side.

I had the pleasure of attending the release party for Slim Vic’s “Mörkrets Narr” album, and I did it the correct way – I didn’t listen to the album until that night! So Viktor’s live set was my first hearing it, and when he got to the track “Fundament part 2” (collab with Plasmafuse) I instantly fell in love with it. The textures, the mood, the production, it was all perfect. A while later my remix nerve began twitching, so I figured I’d surprise Viktor with a chopped, flipped, pulled and squeezed version of his and Plasmafuse’s meditative track. Although I was concerned about the, to be fair, unauthorized use of his music, Viktor – being Viktor – was not! Thanks for that, Slim! You are a welcoming soul. 
From otherwise swimming neck deep in ambient I took a leap back to the techno/trance years of my youth this time. Says Oort Cloud Services

…When I started Svensk Hushållssynth back in 2021 it was after having a long conversation via email with Mr Slim Vic. I had been interested in music and collecting and playing synths since the late 90-s but it wasn’t until I got a package of records along with a card with a personal note from Viktor that I started thinking seriously about taking my interest and hobby further. Ever since then, Viktor has been true to the name of his label, Lamour, and by spreading the love and being so generous with his time and advice he’s really helped me along the way. He even starred in my very first podcast episode! So when I was given the opportunity to remix one of his songs I jumped at it 🙂 Thanks for everything Slim and let’s keep working together! Says Niklas “Svensk Hushållssynth” Winde

01 Fundament (Part 2) (Oort Cloud Services Remix)
02 Den Springaren (Sömn) (Svensk Hushållssynth Remix)

Release: July 4 2023
Cat nr: lamour186dig
Mastered by Niklas Winde
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Original photo by Maria G Nilsson

Oort Cloud Services
Svensk Hushållssynth
Slim Vic. Photo Maria G Nilsson