The GÄVLE GOAT – live stream

The Gävle Goat – Live streamed minifestival.
Experimental and ambient musicians from Lamour Records (Sweden) and Fractal Meat Cuts (UK)
20:00 bst /21:00 cest – Bredbeddle

20:45 bst / 21:45 cest – AKB

21:30 bst / 22:30 cest – Annie Tådne

22:15 bst / 23:15 cest – Slim Vic & Graham Dunning

Slim Vic
Slim Vic is one of Sweden’s leading innovators of the DJ and turntable culture releasing studio recordings across dark ambient, soundscapes and techno. He also DJs with portable turntables and novelty 7″s from around the globe. Viktor runs Lamour records releasing ambient, electronica and conceptual techno on vinyl, cassette and digital, plus sub labels Tape Lamour, Acid Lamour & Knaften.

Graham Dunning
Graham Dunning’s live work explores sound as texture, timbre and something tactile, drawing on bedroom production, tinkering and recycling found objects. He runs Fractal Meat Cuts, a label releasing tapes and artist editions across experimental electronic music, process-based sound work and improvisation.

Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle, Sweden. Her critically acclaimed debut album ”Marianergraven” was released on February 28th and it is her own take on the ambient genre, with melodies moving slowly, forming a menacingly areal atmosphere, where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama.

Annie Tådne
Annie Tådne is a Swedish artist based in London, working within the intersection of art and technology. Her interests lie in the synthesis of art, media, technology and architecture, where music is paramount in all of her creations. She explores spatial and embodied cognition through audiovisual and performative modes of expression.

Rebecca Lee is a musician, composer and artist based at Primary, Nottingham, working across performance, installation, scores and broadcasts. Her work explores processes of making and forms of listening, drawing from experimental, early, electronic, chamber and improvised musics. Bredbeddle is a project in which Rebecca uses turntable and other playbeack media to collage existing recordings into new compositions.