The Deer Tracks – Undersvik, released December 23


The Deer Tracks are back after three years of silence with the new album Undersvik.
After the bands constantly touring of the world for several years, they ended up in a mental and spiritual dead end. The interruption of touring was vital and the band sought out an abandon school in the small village Undersvik, Sweden. Over a 10 days period, with outside world switched off, they just let the stillness and their own spirit color the lyrics and their sound. Undersvik is as much a result of the eternal insomnia of touring, as the tranquility and beauty of nature.

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The Gävle band, The Deer Tracks, consists of Elin Skeppstedt (F.D. Lindfors) and David Lehnberg. The band has released four albums and the music has been heard in hit TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Suits etc.  Touring has been intense with several long US and Asian tours. ‘Undersvik’ released on indie label Lamour Records as of 3 years established itself as one of the most interesting new Swedish labels with a musical spectra from ambient and art music to revival-acid and information techno. And now The Deer Tracks northern light electronica.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Digital Artwork by Elin Skeppstedt

Undersvik released digital December 23rd 2016.
Vinyl version will be released March 9th 2017, it can be ordered here.
The picture show an photo collage and the colours may appear a little bit different.


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“It floats away from its surroundings and then swirls together showing us the epic North of things.”
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SIMBA Swedish Independent Music Business Alternative
“Tillsammans skapar Elin Skeppstedt och David Lehnberg något av den absolut mest spännande musiken här i landet, så att även världen utanför Sveriges gränser visat intresse är inte så konstigt.”

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“Full of emotion, this track takes it fast but steady while invoking images of chilling landscapes.”
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“It’s obvious from Home why this duo is an artistic mainstay back at home that gets compared to the likes of The Knife, Björk, and Sigur Rós.”
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“…by putting together another vibrant album of innovative electronica, an emotional work that has plenty to offer in its beautiful soundscapes and melancholic mood.”
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“I was under the impression that it’d be quite hard to pull off something original in 2017, but The Deer Tracks seem to have convinced me otherwise.Apparently the Swedish duo have been around for a while, though I must confess that this is my first time a song has resonated with me. And boy oh boy does it resonate.”
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“Undersvik is as much a result of the eternal insomnia of touring, as the tranquility and beauty of nature.”
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Home is an ethereal slice of indie electronic goodness from this exciting Swedish band who have just returned after a three year break. We’re glad they’re back.”
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“En fragmenterad ljudbild som twistas med elektroniska ljud, sköna stämningar och vackra melodier läggs samman till – vad jag anser vara – bandets mest välproducerade album hittills.”
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“It’s hard not to respect the fact that a band touring so frequent as The Deer Tracks still manages to create a record filled to the absolute breaking point with creativity and content.”
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“With this new album they remind us that they remain very much at the cutting edge of electronic music in Scandinavia and beyond.”
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“Vibrant textures coloured with the neon lights of all the cities The Deer Tracks have visited dance in a kaleidoscope of warmth, embraced by whimsical vocals that whiz you from one city to the next, and back home.”
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“Om bandet ger sig ut på värdlsturné igen återstår att se men klart är att med nya singeln ”Home” finns alla förutsättningar för att nå en ny världsuccé.”
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“Dagens bästa nyhet är att The Deer Tracks släpper överraskningsplattan Undersvik. Med anledning av detta tog HYMN ett snack med David Lehnberg – ena halvan i denna fantastiska electroduo som jämförts med storheter som The Knife och Sigur Rós.”
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