Weaknot – Flowers Of Melancholy (Remixed)

From Italy via Gävle / Sandviken back to the world! Weaknot’s EP Flowers of Melancholy gets three new versions that both straighten and rebuild the songs into eclectic dance music for fearless and longing ears. Alpha Mount version of Haunted Pinewood is an epic show in sound worlds and tempo changes. Nocturne (Jimmy Koskinen) transforms Hikikomori into a progressive IDM gem. Slim Vic takes Haunted Pinewood to a straight and dub world with deep frequencies and a light touch of trance.

Weaknot – Haunted Pinewood (Alpha Mound Remix)
Weaknot – Hikikomori (Nocturne Remix)
Weaknot – Haunted Pinewood (Slim Vic Remix)

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour129rmx


Weaknot is the one-man music project owned by Giacomo “Jack” Lippolis, Italian born producer/singer/songwriter. Spacing through myriads of electronic musical facets, Weaknot involves a constant evolving personal sound and mindful words sung by himself, adding tons of intimate thoughts and piping irony to a discernable and experimental music style influenced mainly by Techno, Ambient soundscapes, Glitched atmospheres and intense Songwriting music.