2 x concert in Gamla Katolska Kyrkan Gävle


Hermann & Qarins Elektriska Duett  + Sanjin
Lightdesign Hampus Wennberg
(Center Stage)
Gamla Katolska Kyrkan Gävle
Torsdag 18 december kl 19.00
Fri entré

Qarin Wikström is a swedish singer and composer situated in Copenhagen.
She´s the leader of Kostcirkeln and co-leader of Sekten (receiver of a danish music award for the album “annars är det tyst”) and Attaboy (nominee to a danish music award for the album “oværkliga saker”), all three bands on ILK.  ?She´s also co-leader of bands on other labels such as Babakarej, Big bombastic collective (with an earlier release on ILK) and Rhododendron string band.??Her musicality lives in the outskirts of jazz; a blend of genres and sounds that refers to pop, avantgarde, nordic folklore and swedish funk from the 70´s.?She appears on recordings with other prizewinning bands such as Efterklang and Grammofunch. ?Apart from band activities, she´s also active as a composer and choir arranger in various dance performances, theater plays and art installations.

Herman Müntzing is an experimental and improvising musician and composer from Baskemölla, Sweden. Herman has been treating electronic and acoustic devices since the late 80s. Creator of the 12-stringed instrument Flexichord. Perform concerts and workshops wherever it is offered. Performs solo, with famous musicians from the “improv-scene”, with not so famous musicians from the “improv-scene”, and with people who don’t even consider themselves being musicians.


SANJIN – a subtle minimal soundscape with a meditative touch in resonance with inner body sounds and outer space.
All my musical work is based on the concept of “resonance is alchemy”. From playing in bands and doing solo work, spanning from electronic and acoustic soundscapes.
Arr: IDKA & Lamour. Stöd från Länskultur, Kulturrådet, Gävle kommun, Studiefrämjandet & Center Stage