SAW – No Way Black out now – Dec 6

Lamour proudly presents a new vinyl album with
Tomas Järmyr and Eirik Havnes duo SAW

In the northern parts of Norway, a place where the sun either never sets or never rises, time and landscapes and sound are static things, that changes too slow for anyone to notice. During the endless summer sun of 2013, the drones and musical landscapes of No Way Black was recorded. A record with slowly evolving music, from almost nothing to walls of sound.

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Even though being drony, repetitious and even minimalistic at points, the record have room for a lot of energy and spontaneousness. Energy that is slowly released into the tracks, maybe even without the listener realizing it before its over.

SAW is a duo consisting of Tomas Järmyr on percussion and Eirik Havnes on guitar, electronics and amplified circular saw-blades. They are both based in Trondheim, and have marked themselves within the experimental music scene for many years. Järmyr through a huge amount of bands and collabs, including Yodok, Sunswitch, Doffs Poi, ESP and duos with Kenneth Kapstad and Eldbjørg Raknes, amoung other. Havnes through numerous avant-garde concert series, sound art installations, music for deaf people and 50 hour long improvised concerts.

The record is released with support from Swedish Arts Council.

Label Lamour Records
Cat nr Lamour008
Format 175 g clear vinyl
Mixed by Karl Klaseie
Mastered by Fear Falls Burning


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Chain D.L.K review: 4av5-chaindlk
“Overall, this was noisy without getting too harsh and the variety in the music kept even the most grating parts from becoming boring. If you like harsh improve, this is one to check out.”
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Vital Weekly #955 review excerpt: 
The three lengthy pieces here are slow burners: they start out moody and then develop into these walls of wild drumming and guitar feedback. The strums are looped and it starts banging around, howling and screaming. It’s perhaps indeed quite ‘doomy’ and ‘metal’ and on it’s first hearing not very ambient, but the pieces are stretched to such a length that indeed there might be some sort of ambient quality to it; a hallucinatory effect which transports the listener away to another place.
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Gefle Dagblad about Tomas and the album (in swedish)
Review from kulturterrorismus.de
(in german)
“Individuen, die Intensität & handwerkliches Können auf höchstem Niveau verlangen, MÜSSEN die Norweger SAW und ihr faszinierendes Album „No Way Black“ unbedingt ihr Eigen nennen, dessen packende Atmosphären auch weiter über die Spielzeit hinaus begeistern – meine absolute (KAUF-) EMPFEHLUNG!”
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Review from Lux Atenea webzine (in spanish)
“Pero es su ruptura absoluta con los convencionalismos y con lo esperado lo que encumbra esta obra en su más augusta belleza, abriendo poco a poco su luminosidad a lo largo del tiempo como colofón final a través de una apoteosis instrumental donde todo se acelera y fluye con admirable sentido de la armonía. ¡¡¡Impresionante!!! “No Way Black”, en esta segunda década del siglo XXI, el vinilo sigue erigiéndose como formato ideal para que la música experimental de vanguardia siga seduciéndonos. ¡¡¡Disfrútenlo!!!”
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Review from Ungtro (in swedish) 4 of 5 ungtro-4-5
“SAW lyckas bygga upp ljudbild som verkligen fångar lyssnaren. Ett överraskande album som är väl värt att kolla in.”
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