Beacuse we love music x24!


During 24 days and nights we are going to present you with an unique song, mix or a recording previously never released, with artist related or loved by Lamour Records. Everything is free and if this calendar strikes any resemblance with X-mas calendars, it’s all just an imaginary coincidence.

We do this –  because we love music!

December 24rd 2015.


Omnitron – Visitor in the night
Santa Claus comes once a year. He has no worries, he has no fear.
Half man, half machine, suddenly he is here.
He knows what you’re feeling, he know what you think.
He does not come for giving, he does not eat or drink.
+ bonus tracks Plasmasäkring – Plasmafuse jul
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December 23rd 2015.

Emma Sörensen 1

Emma Sörensen pres. Catterfly is a solo project by Emma Sorensen. She explores the different types of music where she mixes electronic experimental music with acoustic elements like vocals, flute, harmonica and accordion.
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December 22nd 2015.


Slim Vic – Magnesyl
Now we draw up the machinery and dig down into ‘magnesylens’ magical parallel world! Slim invite us to a slow dance in a mechanical and hot digital platform where the hard metal edges have polished the golden jointer plane to leave room for the frequency oscillatory’s little wonders.
Slim Vic is one of Swedens leading innovator of the DJ and turntable culture. With one foot in the urban club music and the other in arts music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible with the traditional and proven context. Listen to Slim Vic on Spotify
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December 21th 2015.


FAP – Stilett i sanden
Stefan Aronsson and Jens Eriksson joined together as FAP in 2004 and began their playful electronic operation in the small steel-producing town of Sandviken in northern Sweden, After a couple of formative years, the duo released their debut LP Malekasino Dondolo in 2006 which was nominated for an independent Grammy in Sweden the following year. FAP has also exhibited both video and audio installations which have explored in depth the group’s sonic and visual world. Their audio installation Ljudmusik had its first performance in Gävle in 2006 was also exhibited in Lund the following year. After a 7 year long hiatus, FAP is now back with their new single Stilett i sanden. Malekasino Dondolo on Lamour Record Store
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December 20th 2015.


In DbN ”The Found Tapes Project” he use old cassette tapes found on flea markets and thrift stores and treat them as raw material in live electronic music performances. The found tapes are sampled, manipulated, processed and ”physically played” using granular synthesis and other techniques, to create obscure rhythmical structures, noises and drones. Düsseldorf by Night (DbN) is the experimental music outlet of composer and filmmaker Patrik K Book. Patrik also releases under the names DA BOOK and Patrik Book. In his early teens, Patrik sold his Commodore 64 home computer and began making minimalistic synthmusic using three Roland SH-101´s and a Boss Dr. Rhythm drummachine. This layed the foundation to the synthband AUSGANG VERBOTEN back in the mid 80ies. After a career as a filmmaker directing some 65 musicvideos for major labels in the 90ies, a lot of commisioned filmwork, a co-directed danish documentary – ”Little Miss GrownUp” that won the equivalent to the danish oscar in 2009, – Patrik is now mainly focusing on composing. He has recently completed a 30 minute string quartet piece for Malmö Symphony Orchestra´s string quartet, wich is to be performed at Malmö Live (Malmös new concert hall) spring 2016. He has also just now completed another string quartet piece to be played by students and former students of Musikhögskolan in Malmö, also in spring 2016. The debut album of Düsseldorf by Night – ”Images for Tape” was released by Lamour in 2015. Here´s an exclusive LIVE-recording of DbN from Club Lamour at the legendary Cafe OTO in London July 21st 2015. Listen to the debut album Images for Tapes on Spotify
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December 19th 2015.


David Kramer – Inherent Mock
David Kramer, who also is the person behind the projects
krmr and priority inversion, is a Gävle-based artist who’s electronic music is centered around modulars and hardware instruments & effects, finally put together in the software realm. Dark, industrial influenced techno, noise or modular landscapes reminiscent of early ambient and berlin school sounds, the projects all have one thing in common, the love for creating music by building and shaping sounds from the very first principles. Acid, techno, whatever, christmas is all about faking 303’s and drenching it all in reverb & distortion. Classics never go out of style. https://soundcloud.com/davidkrmr
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December 18th 2015.


SQ – Digimetamorpher
The little h shaking frightened off the digidirt from the wing and sniffing cautiously on the red dahlias growing over the barbed wire in the unvisited garden, all drowning in the first wave of birth agony. This was recorded 8th of june 2013 at the Sound Department Studio Sweden with Thomas Bjelkeborn on electronic sounds, sonic alterations and sonifications in M4L and Paul Pignon on basset horn, recorder and bass clarinet . All electronic sounds were derived in realtime from the acoustic instruments except for a few small notes sampled in advance. Listen to the album Penguin Silhouettes by SQ
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December 17th 2015.


Deimos ɸ Phobos – Take-one
The dynamic duo Deimos & Phobos is a brand new live act with it’s roots deep within the foundation of Lamour’ian esoterism. This mysterious collaboration travels to the boundaries of old knowledge and new technology in a quest for perceptual emancipation. In their experimental spaceship of hardware synthesizers they will take you on an journey through colorful soundscapes far beyond the veil of the mind’s event horizon. So sit back, relax and let the music guide your senses in this adventurous pursuit of the unknown! Follow Deimos ɸ Phobos on facebook
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December 16th 2015.


LEHNBERG – Agentskolan
The creative force, density and drive David Lehnberg posses when it comes to music is not to be taken lightly. ’Agentskolan’ is a lush electronic piece that gets thrown into the techno-tronic turbine along with the trademark sparse harmonic melodies showing Lehnberg’s currently obsession of plucked instrumentation, found in and around Asia. David has been touring all over the globe relentlessly with his different bands, year in and year out, most recently with The Deer Tracks, where North America, Asia & Europe has been his second home.
A new LEHNBERG release to follow up his May 2015 debut EP ‘False Idols’ is scheduled to be released spring 2016 via Lamour Records.

Follow LEHNBERG on Facebook & listen on Spotify
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December 15th 2015.


AKB – Selma (Live at Lamour – Fylkingen)
A 23 minute quest through a marshland of soundscapes. Clarinets and synthesizers crowded by effects and arpeggios in an effort to loose control of time. Close the eyes and try to place the mind somewhere in between the ambient waves.
Recording from the live performance of AKB at Klubb Lamour, Fylkingen, Stockholm, December 2015.
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 14th 2015.

wikd invalid

Wild Invalid – Flood
Wild Invalid is a project of Victor Claeson. The music is dreamy electronica mixed with more traditional beats with influences from reverb heavy pop songs where the guitar and its millions of effects pedals builds soundscapes equally suitable for fearless dance floor as the beautiful vinyl chair.
ictor Claeson, publicly known as the front person in the post pop band No Coda and former Aerial and with several remixes and live performances at the Lamour earlier.
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 13th 2015.


Motormännen – Janet Yellens Yieldings
Motormännen takes the lead and pass Villalobos with a one minute better song than the previous European record. 38 minutes Balkan wedding by tape echo, and analog filters. It gets even better after 20 minutes!  Listen to the album Informellt
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 12th 2015.


Olle Oljud – Drone1,0215
Composer and visual artist Olle Oljud, one of the most beloved artists in Sweden’s experimental music sphere, here delivers a 13 minute drone based minimal wobbling feedback with a little glimpse of his hard wall of noisy cacophony slipping through the cracks. Olle Oljud’s first release on Lamour was the beautiful two-coloured vinyl, each one comes with a unique acrylic painting, limited and numbered to 250 ex can still be found HERE.
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 11th 2015.

Igor Dissection

Igor – Dissection
Mikael Strömberg’s alter ego Igor has created the album “Fast & Slow” who is an aspiring masterpiece in the ambient genre, the references are very clear to the 70’s iconic Ambient school, including Satie-Cage-Eno-SoundArt but at the same time a modern touch and a sense of the present. The story behind this album is the least frightening and fascinating as the composer Strömberg was seconds away from losing his lives when the aorta ruptured all the way from top to bottom with the diagnosis: acute aortic dissection. The music became a part of his rescue and the record “Fast and Slow” came about as part of his healing process. This track unfortunately did not fit on the album, so we present it now instead! Check out the full abum here
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 10th 2015.


Maneten – The Dawn Of Planet Pilates (Get Down)
Maneten is the current musical output of Gefle-based producer David Holm. Beginning in the mid 2000s David stared making soft and spatial drum driven tracks & remixes to play in early hour DJ-sets mostly under the alias Sizemoreism. With a strong taste for drum programming and effects the production aims to be fluid & distant and often on a house or techno structure. Highly influenced by space, time, the internet and water sports the Maneten outlet is supposed to act as a playful, fast and transparent musical escape in a time when time is of the very essence.
Maneten was introduced through Lamour Recordings with the T.W.I.M.O EP & remixes late 2015.
The following track was recorded an overcast november noon as a stand alone quick peek of further sounds of Maneten.
#BecauseWeLoveMusic #LamourRecords

December 9th 2015.


Plasmasäkring – Allthatleftisdogs
Plasmasäkring (Plasma Fuse) plays filthy emotional soil flavoring electronica that has grown out of the ground surrounding, industrial metal scene, and have replaced the guitars with synths and samplers. Plasma Fuse is also born out of interest in space, robots and the electronic world we live in. Debut cassette tape to be released on Lamour Records 2016. Oh, the song is about a dog that watches on as human society breaks down to become the only survivour. https://www.facebook.com/plasmafuse
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December 8th 2015


LO – decembermörker часть 1-3
LO makes dense, atmospheric lo-fi electronic soundscapes with rich melancholy and dark nerve. It is the solo project of Stålverk co-founder Olle Ohlsson. LO is his alter ego as a music producer but also a mythological character, a lynx-like half human, battling the demons of the shadow world, a place similar to our reality but populated by shadow beings, eye spheres and amnesia monsters. This is where all LO projects form, as part of a grand plan to expose the shadow world and meld it with our “reality”. LO works on different music releases and writes a fantasy novel.
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December 7th 2015


Yair Etziony – Estate on the Moon
Always a trailblazer, Yair was one of the first artists in Israel to use laptops as a main tool on stage, Now he uses a wide array of analog and digital devices to push his ideas forward. With his new album ‘3 Stigmata’ just fresh out on Lamour Records, Yair here again invites you to dive into the cosmic modular Sci-Fi Kraut world of his with the ‘Estate on the Moon’ you can say its an annex or supplement to the 3 Stigmata album.

#LamourRecords #BecauseWeLoveMusic

December 6th 2015


Alpha Mound is the solo project of Joakim Westlund. Starting out with acoustic songs sprinkled with electronics the musical focused have since shifted to primarily electronic music in the form of ambient and soft-techno. This song is a live recording made during a rehearsal for a show at Söder Källa, Gävle. The song will appear in a studio version on a upcoming cassette release by Stålverk Records in a not too distant future. Find more at: www.alphamound.com
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December 5th 2015


After extensive touring The Deer Tracks got a new album coming out 2016 called ‘UNDERSVIK’.  “Little Child” is one of the albums stand out songs, here remixed by Magnus Moody. Stay tuned!
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December 4th 2015


Hawaii is the impro-ambient work between Viktor ”Slim Vic” Zeidner and the guitarist Johan Sundberg. Their music is both meditative and complex, harmonies are clustred together with dreams of swaying palm trees and the smoothest of beach sands.
#LamourRecords #BecauseWeLoveMusic

December 3rd 2015


Stenbit creates some very still and beautiful ambient pieces somewhere in the deep woods of Värmland and was the first artist to release a fullenght album at Lamour Records. The album is entitled “The Fall” and came out November 2013. “Fade III” is previosly unreleased.
Listen to Stenbit on Spotify
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December 2nd 2015


[krig] – den trasiga musiken (för en ny värld)
[krig] is an art collective. About 50% of the expression is music, the rest is a visual or other representation of a larger picture, a view into another world, which music and art is an integrated part of. A big part of this is made using textile and craft or digitally projected images. [krig] breaks down barriers between the audience and artist, the art space and dance floor, time and space. The best way to understand this is to check out www.krig.me
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December 1st 2015


JIN&DAUN, a duo with their own special style called; Kurdish Electronic Meditation, here presents an exclusive LIVE-recording from Club Lamour at the legendary Cafe OTO in London July 21st 2015.  The Malmö born duo now resides in London where they wrote and recorded their new vinyl release ‘Pîrê’.
JIN&DAUN on Spotify.
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