Because We Love Music 2024!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During January we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

Selection and executive producer: Viktor Zeidner
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Rolfcarlwerner
Cat. nr: lamour190dig

January 1st
Svensk Hushållssynth – Vandringssägen

“When asked to join Viktor Z, head of Lamour Records, in their annual Synth & Motion event I didn’t think twice. In Viktors loving company I performed my first live gig ever and this song is what was improvised right there in the woods outside Gävle. Thanks for letting me be a part of all of this mr Slim Vic!”
/Svensk Hushållssynh

January 2nd
AKB & Alpha Mound – Sporväxt

The basic material for the song Sporväxt (Spore growth) is improvised during a five-hour live concert in the forest outside Gävle. The song was then processed and refined in the studio.

Behind the name AKB resides instrumentalist Anna-Karin Berglund from Gävle, Sweden. Her debut album ”Marianergraven” was released on February 28th 2020 (on Lamour Records) and it is her own take on the ambient genre, with melodies moving slowly, forming a menacingly areal atmosphere, where the soaring laments are able to float freely across the sonic panorama. The first release under her own name came in April 2016 on the EP Söndagsbarn (via Lamour Records). In 2017 AKB was awarded ‘Best Solo Act’ of the year at the Local Heroes Gala in Gävle, Sweden.

Alpha Mound is the creative outlet for Joakim Westlunds solo music. For nearly a decade now music has been released under this header with quite some range in styles but almost always leaning towards more relaxed sounds.

January 3rd
ANGST Sessions – Viskningar i Mörkret

During a late night session with my modular instrument from Serge.
Exploring interesting textures, timbres in spatial time and space
Inspired by the vast eternity beyond the stars and the lurking forces that whispers to us.
Improvised and recorded as a one taker – slow melancholic repetitive cosmic music.

January 4th

Sven Fredrik – Lean Routine

Remember to take care of your body!

Percussionist Sven Fredrik made his solo debut in October 2021 with imaginative instrumental music in the borderland between electronica and psychavant garde. With drums as the main instrument, inspiration is taken from the local stage’s flourishing electronic sphere, nature and space. Sound worlds are painted with large brushes and small details. Sven Fredrik has since the turn of the millennium been active in the Indie rock context and has toured extensively in both Europe and North America.

The self-titled debut album was released digitally and on cassette through Lamour Records. At the Local Heroes awards in March 2022, Sven Fredrik received an award in the category “Solo of the year” with the motivation: “One of this year’s more unique listening experiences from Gästrikland” 

Sven Fredrik’s second solo album ‘Through The Rosen Bridge‘ is a deepening and refinement of the exploration between drums and electronica where playfulness and interesting collaborations are the watchwords. As the album title hints, a creative guiding star has been Eistein’s theory of ‘The Rosen Bridge’ where movement in time and space can be possible. As if a parallel world can co-exist and where thoughts go unsearched to the musical duality that Sven Fredrik finds himself in. Musically, the album moves between a sound in kraut and sampling-based electronica that is both timeless and forward-looking. On the record we hear guest musicians such as Memoria (Tess dela Cour), Catterfly & Backa Carin Ivarsdotter.

January 5th
Motormännen – Links und Rechts

ja, svårare var det inte…

January 6th

Nano Ona – Have Courage

In today’s media landscape, we all live in a world where we can compare ourselves to others all the time. It’s easy to believe that everyone else seems to know what they want and can handle difficulties in their lives with ease. Have courage is about how it can feel when you follow people you look up to. Whether you struggle with accepting your self, your sexuality, mental health issuses or putting your heart on the line for some one or some thing. We all have to be brave sometimes, and have the courage to face our fears.

Nano Ona´s love of synths and electronic music started in the early 00s. Everything from synth pop to ebm and ambient has influenced her sound.
Over the years, she has collaborated with local bands such as Plasmafuse and together with Slim Vic, she delivered electronic tones in the industrial metal band Dieselkopf.

January 7th

Oestergaards – Uävlan

In the track ”Uävlan”, Oestergaards continues to explore the shadowy realms of the psyche. In an isolated existence, one’s own thoughts become the sole companion, the external world appears increasingly threatening, with madness constantly lurking in the background. With his characteristic soundscapes of rumbling drones, sweeping tones, and ominous murmurs, Oestergaards crafts a journey into the unknown, where the sounds become gateways to the darkest and most intricate corners of the mind.

January 8th
Shaperwave – Melancholy Riviera

The song was originally conceived as a song with a light space theme, and the idea was recorded on hardware synths, but then reworked in Reason with various vsts. The theme was transformed into a dream I’d had for a long time, about riding winding alpine roads down to the French Riviera. The voice is from an AI program with a text I made, the vocoder song in the choruses is my own and made with Reason’s internal vocoder and some effects.

Starting out in the late 80’s, picking up inspiration from Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre, Shaperwave has formed his own style. This is a musicproject where electronic beats, swirling synthlines and robot voices express deep feelings and emotions. Will AI human robots be able to express feelings ? If it’s sadness, joy, love or fear Shaperwave will have it covered in the music.

January 9th

umring – Stalagma

Stalagma is the first song from the artist umring. Behind the artist name hides a musician from Gävle with many years of experience in rock/metal music.
The track is a meditation on an experience of crawling through caves in heavy rain.

Growing up making music on the commodore 64 laid the foundation for a fascination for making electronic music through maths and programming, trying to summon sounds from seemingly lifeless computations. This song is created using a homemade virtual synthesizer, trough which all sounds are either passed or created from. Alongside sequenced filter pinging most of the sounds come from radio static recorded by moving around a small transistor radio to pick up interference from home electronics, which then is passed through the filter section of the homemade synth.

January 10th

”According to the media, the world is made up of hate, violence, and suffering. It’s like someone forced you to watch horror movies all day, every day. Expose yourself to this doomsday bias regularly, and it will shape how you think and feel. You will get angry at the world. You will become suspicious. But most of all, you’ll end up afraid. The result is a fear–driven personality, hiding in the shadows, too cautious to live life. Fortunately, it’s reversible. When you stop watching the news, you will soon experience less anger, less anxiety, and less sadness. It’s one of the easiest ways to protect your peace.”

For the past 20 years, David Lehnberg has been the most active and successful artist from Gävle, with numerous awards locally (The Local Heroes award) and releases with bands such as The Deer Tracks, Ariel Kill Him, Leiah and more. He has toured several times in Europe, the USA and Asia such as The Deer Tracks, Ariel Kill Him, Leiah and more. He has toured several times in Europe, the USA and Asia.

“I do believe this is the first time in NMC for Swedish electronic music maestro (David) Lehnberg, who is a veteran – I suppose it’s fair to call him that now – of at least four bands, including The Deer Tracks, one of the first bands I ever heard in my little Scandinavian music adventure, which dates back to 2009 when they were at their peak.”
Read full review at: https://www.nordicmusiccentral.com/lehnberg-sweden-no-news-single/

January 11th

H-M O – Dance Exp

This track I’d define as experimental sound art. It consists of warped field recordings (and bits of my own voice). I wanted to try and create a journey through space and time by recording myself walking on high heels on our home street in Finland on a warm summer night, passing by a flock of seagulls with the town clock striking midnight. And mixing it with the sounds of the place I was thinking of: a busy market in Bali with a creek running nearby. I find this is how it often feels to live in this human vessel, the outside world blending with the inside of the mind, and the only thing we can really do is just to dance until we are danced through.

H-M O, is a self-taught artist and poet from Oulu, Finland, who especially enjoys creating experimental electronic music because of the freedom of it. She loves conjuring up worlds with sounds, much like painting with vibes or translating energies into tunes.
– I am an artist who loves to surprise herself by combining elements which when put together comprise something completely unexpected. I call it ‘a divine coincidence’ when two or more seemingly separate things complement each other in a way that they form a whole new entity larger and more complex than its parts. Because I started making music from a place of childlike curiosity and a desire to play, I think my sound is quite free and expressive in essence. I hope and believe my spirit for inquiry converts into tones, beats and lyrics which together compose a rather original delight, says H-M O.

January 12th
Axel E – Jag Vill Ha Dig, Du E Min, Du E Bara Min

Axel E is the young shooting star whose early EDM songs have been played by hundreds of thousands of people. Famues DJ’s like Axwell/\Ingrosso, Martin Garrix and others have put him in their USB and in front of recurring times at the world’s largest festivals. But living in a city that has been colored by decades of more experimental underground scenes and especially in recent years a very strong ambient scene puts their footprints even in a young producer’s music creation.

January 13th

BURG – The Untimely Demise Of Sycamore Gap

Jouni Ollila, electronic music mastermind from Sweden/Europe has been in the electronic music scene since the late 80s with multiple and extremely varied electronic music projects both current and past.
He has a long history in electronic music in Sweden, working with all the major artists and label as a producer, mixer, and mastering engineer. Also, as a member of Pouppée Fabrikk in the 90’s he was part of starting up the Electronic Body Music movement in Sweden and Europe.

With BURG, which is his famous pure hardware-only live studio performances, he produces modern ambient/experimental techno that channels melodies and moods from the 70’s psychedelic rock era. BURG is known to have every track recorded live in one take with no computers involved in the creative process. This adds magic tensions to his productions very rarely seen in the electronic music scene.

BURG has maintained a steady release of Albums since 2013 on his own label oLLiLaboratories including the well renowned CXXVI 12″ club release during 2017.
Other projects from Jouni Ollila on Spotify, Pouppée FabrikkMr Jones MachineMZ. 412Project-XLittle Blue MenJunk LiaisonTeleskopUlvtharm

January 14th
Catterfly – Morgondagg

The last heavy exhalation of the night.
A sweeping fog of dissonance.
A dewdrop still in its green sheath,
hiding from the morning rays.
Tomorrow’s last dance.
The magic of dawn.
Nature is waking up.

Welcome to the strange world of Catterfly. Unusual ideas of ambient and psychedelic electronica in a fantasy of metamorphoses.

The multi-artist and music producer Emma Sörensen formed her electronic solo project Catterfly back in 2015 and since then she has played live, released singles and remixes. She is a multi-instrumentalist who likes to explore the point where field recordings, the electronic and acoustic instruments, such as voice, flutes, accordion and harmonica, meets. Catterfly’s music is described as imaginative and surrealistic sound formations, which are built up through improvisational and emotional expressions. Organic electronic music with an aura of folk music.

January 15th
EBlo – The Times

The Times was written by me during corona times. It came from feeling even more frustrated and sad about how we are damaging the beautiful home we live in through not doing enough to tackle climate change. The feeling of being helpless and even more so when being isolated from the world in corona. 

EBlo, an English musician living in Malmö Sweden, specializes in crafting immersive soundscapes that seamlessly blend ambient electronic vibes with the evocative tones of classical music. Diverging from conventional norms, EBlo fearlessly explores a vast spectrum of genres in his musical endeavors.

Driven by a profound passion for narrative expression in various forms, including film, television, and game soundtracks, EBlo endeavors to weave a tapestry of auditory and visual experiences. His work transcends traditional boundaries, offering a unique and captivating journey through the realms of sound and storytelling.

“The story is in two parts.

The first part of the video shows the harsh reality of this – through a dark lens – the world – the increasing population and the effect is it having as ultimately we as humans are the main reason this is happening, the opening shot of our world dark, unclear – then to the movement of people, pollution, waste, big polluting factories, melting ice, fire ridden woodlands, forest fires and the lone deer and baby polar bear to symbolise the stark contrast of life and death, the floods, the hurricanes then suddenly a hand offers hope – STOP.

This video then shifts to showing how we have an opportunity to change, we as people can have a chance if we take the steps needed – we have love we have hope.

then the soaring feeling of hope – the cities, the fields, the feeling of euphoria the movement the mobilization of people making steps to positive change. Then the personal feeling of ones love and connection with not only the planet but with a love one. Then the celebration of our planet and our lives – the crying man reminding us that we still have a long road ahead but together we can create positive change, the hope of the birds flying soaring above the troubled waves and then to the lone sunset – the single hand of hope and the possibility of a different and more positive future.”

January 16th

Slim Vic – Locked Grooves (DJ Food Dun In One’ Remix)

In 2020 Slim Vic released a 7″ vinyl with 10 looped locked grooves. The grooves can be played as “normal” DJ tools or played together as a complete loop song if you have 10 turntables. In the summer 2023 the legendary DJ Food made a remix using a 4 armed turntable and fx boxes. 

DJ Food is an electronic music project currently headed by Kevin Foakes (also known as Strictly Kev). It was conceived in 1990 by Jonathan More and Matt Black of Coldcut and the Ninja Tune record label. It has since included various lineups of More, Black, Patrick Carpenter (known as PC), Foakes, and others, before finally being formed only of Foakes.

January 17th

Oort Cloud Services – Lufthavet

Oort Cloud Services is jumping restlessly between melodic ambient, upbeat synthpop and… whatever you call a messy mishmash of busy dnb, glitch, chip and whatever else unlucky enough to be within reach. This track however, stays firmly in the first category.

“Some years ago I was on an aeroplane before departure. I was listening to the engine sounds in the cabin and had this whole noise ambient experience. As you do when you listen to noise ambient, I started hearing distinct tones in that drone. A chord emerged that was a perfect starting point for an ambient track, I thought. The phone recording of this makes up the intro and outro of this track.

This was one of several ideas that evolved separately and then eventually merged into one. All these ideas circled around the concept of air and sea – the majestic oceans and the vast expanse of the atmosphere. It was when I put my phone camera against the plane window during another flight last spring, and caught our ascending through the clouds, and then also an amazing view of the open sea, that everything fell into place in my mind.

It recently solidified even more as I heard the use of the word “lufthavet” in a Swedish weather forecast, which would translate into “the sea of air”. Not only is it a poetic word for the atmosphere, it’s also a very descriptive term. Just like the actual oceans of water, this global ocean of air is in constant motion with currents, vortexes, waves and ripples. Every title I had come up with before that went straight out the window! An aeroplane window, if you will.”
(Jetplanes recorded in august of 2019 by Patrick Bohman during a flight show in Austria)

Photo Sivan Zeimer

January 18th
Yair Etziony – Back To Normal

Yair Etziony “Back to Normal”: An 80s Disco Triumph Amidst Adversity
Renowned artist Yair Etziony unveils his latest creation, “Back to Normal,” a captivating 80s disco tune born from a year-long battle with medical challenges following a serious ankle injury.

This dark, pulsating anthem, likened to a musical love child of Röyksopp and John Carpenter, invites listeners on a sonic journey from adversity to empowerment. As haunting synths and infectious beats fill the air, Etziony’s resilience shines through.

“Back to Normal” raises a poignant question—Is Etziony truly back to normal? The track is a reflection of his personal triumph over hardship, a sonic exploration that challenges perceptions and celebrates the resilience within us all. Having completed his healing journey, “Back to Normal” marks the beginning of a new chapter—a time for recovery, echoing the sterile hum of ER rooms and the hope that reverberates through hospital hallways.

Yair Etziony, a prolific composer and musician currently based in Berlin, has been a driving force in the Israeli electronic music scene since 2004. His extensive discography spans multiple countries, including Germany, Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, and Japan, featuring releases on esteemed labels such as Spekk, Interchill, Freizeitglauben, Lamour, and many more. 

January 19th

Anders Ilar & John H – Ogygia

Anders Ilar and John H are no newcomers to the electronic music scene.
Born in 1973, Anders Ilar began his explorations of electronic music in the mid 80s. Growing up in the small town of Ludvika in Sweden, Ilar spent all of his spare time playing with synthesizers, drum machines, keyboards and sequencers, learning the ins and outs of analogue and digital sound and music creation. Inspired by the early industrial and EBM wave he formed several bands with friends, started playing live shows at smaller local parties, and released several demo tapes in very limited quantities. In the 90’s he gradually shifted his creative influences towards ambient techno and acid and also started to DJ. He started using computer software to produce his music around 1999 and his first vinyl EP was released in 2001 on the german label Plong!, soon to be followed by many more releases on labels such as Shitkatapult, Audio.nl and Echocord. Developing his own flavor of deep minimal dub techno and ambient he gained critical acclaim with his album Nightwidth (2006) for Narita Records in the USA. Followed by highly appraised album Sworn on the german label Level Records in 2008. Ilar has also made remixes for celebrated artists such as Apparat, Mikkel Metal and Ripperton and has appeared on numerous compilations and DJ-mixes. He’s performed live on stage through-out most European countries and Japan, as well as doing a small tour with Notch Festival in China in 2008.
Up to 2018 Anders Ilar has produced 13 albums and 25 vinyl EP’s and performed in over 15 countries.

Born in 1984 and based in Gothenburg. John H has been DJing, as well as producing tracks, since the late 90s, with Anders as his mentor and teacher, giving John early musical influences spanning across a wide range of genres, from Swedish techno to IDM, Cologne acid craziness and the sound of Chicago house tracks. The musical output of his DJ-sets usually varies between techno, house, acid, electro and everything in between, depending on the time and location. John has performed on several locations all around Sweden, but also done appreciated gigs in other European countries at clubs like Tresor and Culture Box, and his music has been featured in sets by DJs such as Sven Väth, Adam Beyer, Joris Voorn, Dense & Pika, Cari Lekebusch, Alan Fitzpatrick, Karotte, Gregor Tresher, The Hacker and many more.

January 20th
Avra & Ida Long – Something About You

Avra has his background in the techno and house scene. He creates contemporary and indie fresh productions that perfectly matches Ida Long’s unique voice! Ida Long has her own solo project and her music has been heard in TV shows and various contexts both in Sweden and Asia.

January 21st

louie.lou – Porten i Torsåker

Porten i Torsåker is a thematic composition that started with field recordings and a repeated knocking on the door of the church of Torsåker in Ångermanland.
The recordings and following composition come from a wish to physically, temporally and sonically approach the location where the most extensive witch trials took place in 17th-century Sweden.
At the church of Torsåker, a penal sermon and last communion would be held for the condemned before exiting the door and ascending the adjacent mountain for the last time before execution.
The accusations of witchcraft and pacts with the devil were enforced by law on the penalty of death.

A fan-driven organ, along with field recordings often makes out the foundation of louie.lou’s compositions capture the place’s history in this piece.

louie.lou (Louise Ölund) born in 1981 in Ångermanland, is a sound artist and musician based in Umeå. With organ, field recordings, loop-pedal, synthesizer, voice, and more, Louise Ölund creates diverse soundscapes where darkness and light, order and chaos coexist.

January 22nd

Llarks – There Is A Scene

There Is A Scene is a track from the upcoming series of Dub releases from Llarks.

Llarks is the ambient / drone project by guitarist & computer musician c.jeely. His music uses guitar, laptop & tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions.
C has been actively releasing music since 1995 under previous projects Accelera Deck, September Plateau, The Trust Riots and more…

January 23rd

Martin Jarl & Costallic – Dreams 95

Dreams 95 is a flirtation to the song Dreams 02, which was released on Because We Love Music 2021. Then the sound was more tech underground, while now the soft sounds are allowed to spread.

Martin Jarl.
– Deep comforting and soothing are the general aim of my musical outlet, it’s basically just therapy for myself. I’m humbled and glad others feel drawn to it.
I have a long-lasting relationship with electronic music in various forms and I generally try to stay open minded to all kinds of music.

Costallic is the creation of Anders Martinsson, a long-time music and audio enthusiast currently living in Kungsbacka, Sweden. Born in 1975 and influenced in equal amounts by both early and contemporary ambient works and soundtracks, the focus lies in bringing timeless cinematic atmospheres and musical landscapes to the listeners.

January 24th

Martin Zeidner feat. Anna Linander – A Winter Lullaby

More known for his trance, club, and synthwave bangers, Swedish Martin Zeidner delivers a warm and atmospheric little downtempo winter saga this time. Starting in a reverberated triphop drum suit, it slowly turns the heat up with a suggestive sixties-style string section, neoclassical piano melodies, and some sparkling glockenspiel. The track reaches its crescendo when Swedish vocalist Anna Linander performs a final voice layering of the main melody.

January 25th

Arvid Tuba & Svensk Hushållssynth – Subtractability (1st expression)

Västerås <3 Falun in a alovely collaboration.
Arvid Tuba was a well-known personality on the Swedish industrial and synth music scene in the late 80s/90s. For a long time he called himself a drum machine troubadour.
Svensk Hushållssynth is a Swedish sound company, production company and artist. Perform creative mixing, production, remixes and collaborations. Creates loops, samples and own music.

January 26th
Plasmafuse – Thoughtful Coffee