Sven Fredrik – Through The Rosen Bridge

Sven Fredrik’s second solo album ‘Through The Rosen Bridge’ is an elaboration and a refinement of the exploration between drums and electronica.
Playfulness and interesting collaborations is the foundation.

As the album title hints, a creative guiding star has been Eistein’s theory of ‘The Rosen Bridge’ where movement in time and space can be possible. As if a parallel world can co-exist, much like Sven Fredriks own musical duality. Musically, the album moves between kraut and sampling-based electronica that is both timeless and forward-looking. On the album, we hear guest musicians such as Memoria (Tess de la Cour), Catterfly, Joakim Forsgren & Backa Carin Ivarsdotter.

Released October 6, 2023
Cat nr: lamour171
Mix & mastering by William Blackmon at the Overlook Studio, Gävle.
Artwork by David Rundlöf & Viktor Zeidner.
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1 Varial
2 3000 Years feat. Memoria
3 Döden Från Gårdarike
4 The Dream Of Cold Steel
5 Sooner State Prince feat. Elin Skeppstedt
6 Through The Rosen Bridge
7 Lady Earhart
8 Swallow The Light feat. Catterfly
9 A.N.S
10 Bedlam

Sven Fredrik – Photo Elin Sundström



All Metal Everything
“We’re always excited when a Scandinavian artist crosses our space, there always seems to be so many interesting works coming out of that part of the world. This month’s release from percussionist Sven Fredrik is an atmospheric dark wave immersion that is filled with little painterly sonic details that serve to draw the listener in even further.”
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Indie tapes

“Okay, this time it’s pretty hard to put the song into a genre, but you can trust me, it’s absolutely worth it to give it a listen: Swedish artist Sven Fredrik has recently unveiled a new track titled ‘Döden Från Gårdarike.’ It’s from the latest album ‘Through The Rosen Bridge,’ and if you’re into dark and experimental rock, I highly recommend checking it out.”
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“El músico y compositor sueco Sven Fredrik presenta el sencillo «Döden Från Gårdarike», una interesante pista qué desarrolla su sonido y personalidad dentro de géneros como Gothic, Dark Wave y Krautrock, bajo una identidad experimental que hace dialogar la electrónica con la batería y el uso de samples, este sencillo construye una atmósfera oscura y envolvente, con un ritmo que nace de la batería, el cual sin duda provoca el movimiento del cuerpo de manera discreta, los samples de voz se convierten en los ganchos perfectos para mantener a los escuchas dentro de este universo musical por el dinamismo que suman a la narrativa en esta pista, destaca el sonido fuerte y crudo que presenta al final de la pista siendo un momento catártico de emociones en este viaje musical.”
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American Pancake
“There is something artfully caustic about “Döden Från Gårdarike” from primarily drummer / percussionist Swedish Sven Fredrik’s newly released second album ‘Through The Rosen Bridge’. The blend, exploration between drums and electronica feels particularly dark, a pervasive spiral into something opaque, cajoled possibly by a disembodied female voice, a provocateur narrator.”
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