Clora – Sent

Sent was recorded during a couple of summernights back in 2017. During rehearsals for Cloras first ever live gig the foundation for Sent was created through improvisation. The gig at Norbergfestival resulted in a creative high and all of the recorded pieces from the rehearsal became almost finished tracks during those late summer nights. Then they were stored at a harddrive and forgotten. Until 2020 when they were rediscovered and finished. Some of the songs got thrown out, some of them was put back to a digital slumber and some of the became Sent that one night was sent to Lamour and is now out for late night listening. Continue reading


Slim Vic – Nattdimma/Morgondimma

From a dense fog, you step out of the forest and meet a coastline that draws the line between the infinity of the sea and the density of the forest. In the dream of the secret of the place, there are no boundaries or security, only you and your fight against the demons of the night.

In the middle of the borderland between dream and reality, the two extremes meet, morgondimma (morning fog) and nattdimma (night fog), both emotionally and sonically. The two pieces have also been surely transformed into their own idiosyncratic versions, signed Catterfly’s folktronic tones and Niels Gordon’s magical synth worlds. Continue reading


Lamour Podcast #145 – Inboxspecial del 1

Ännu en gång öppnar vi upp mailinkorgens fantastiska värld där ni som lyssnar står för de vackra klangerna!
Poppig glitch, avskalade drones, deep dubbing tungt och luftigt. En riktig maratonsändning i njuteristil. Lyssna och ta del av Svensk ny elektronica!
Programledare är Viktor Zeidner & Robin Forsgren. Continue reading


12 Hour Ravestafett

Under 12 timmar bjuder vi in till ett maxat men ändå så minimalt rave på Musikhuset.
Boka in dig på den timme eller timmar du känner passar dina musikaliska preferenser för dansgolvet. 4 personer får plats och som byts i samband med DJs byter vid varje heltimme. Dansgolvet är stort så du får rekordstor yta för dig själv. Självklart är det tungt ljud som matchas med discolampornas och stroboskopens sken! Som bonus visas även ny konst av Rolfcarlwerner

Continue reading


Ljudvägg – Transformation (Remixed)

Ljudväggs magic sound of piano and electronics takes one step further as we present ‘Transformation Remixed’. A celebration to all fine reviews, numerous radio plays and the love from music lovers all over the world.
Ambient deep trench producer AKB (Anna-Karin Berglund) tempts and surprises us with an organic deep house take setting you the best sunny chill mode. Rivet takes the song ‘Mekanik’ down to the ultradub area of the deep industrial minimal scene.
Dayin floats away with the song ‘Skogsrå’ and makes it an endless journey beyond each tree in the dark and living forest. Elin Piel makes the piano and electronic sound dance with each other as if they were new lovers. Continue reading