GUF4LIFE – Slim Vic remixes. Release April 8


Traditional folk music from Belgium, performed by swedish youngsters, met by art music with inspiration from the DJ-culture. Out now on vinyl 12″ and digital!
During the fall of 2015, GUF (Gävleborgs Ungdoms Folkband) released an album called “GUF4LIFE” where one of it’s songs got the DJ & Composer Slim Vic to react. The rain drenched sounds in the original composition worked as the fundament for two different musical journeys, signed by Slim Vic.
Part 1, is a varying composition that take the listener in and out of club music, ambient and the original tracks folk music.
Part 2, is a very dystopic world of sounds clearly on the border of art music.

Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Executive producer GUF: Michael Müller


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Belgisk Marsch
Musik – Trad.
Arr. Mia Marin & GUF
Remixed by Slim Vic

GUF members:
Alice Andersson – clarinet
Molly Andersson – saxophones
Teodor Gesslin – guitar
Godau Isabel – fiddle & flute
Jerker Hans-Ers – fiddle & congas
Stina Jutterström – fiddle
Lovisa Lindh – fiddle
Alva Marander – fiddle
Jonas Nilsson – keyed harp
Saga Oscarson Kindstrand – fiddle
Lydia Rosén – fiddle
Eemil Rutanen – guitar
Joar Rutanen – accordion
Sanna Rönnewald – electric bass
Eddie Sjökvist – percussion
Emilie Westlund – fiddle
Linnéa Westlund – fiddle

The record is released with the support of Region Gävleborg



GD about the record (in swedish)
Read full post at: http://www.gd.se/noje/musik/slim-vic-samarbetar-med-unga-folkmusiker-pa-ny-tolva

Vital Weekly
“…but this is the record that is least suitable for the dance floor, as Slim Vic moves quite a bit through territories of no beats,
in part two even without, but with some more time stretched melodies that we heard
in a slightly purer form on the other side. Perhaps not as kitschy then? Still this is
a lovely record.”
Read full post at: http://www.vitalweekly.net/1035.html