H-M O – Electric Blueberries

In June 2020 I was sitting on our balcony watching swallows play high up in the sky, and I found myself wondering where these particular swallows had come from, feeling somewhat jealous of their freedom, wishing I too could simply take off and fly wherever I wanted to. Because of the pandemic I felt stuck and unable to see the beauty of the sweet summer, and I decided I’ve had enough of that nonsense, I too could enjoy the sun and the freedom no matter where I was located in the world. So I took my electronic keyboard out on the balcony and started to glide with the birds. For a long while I simply watched their flight against the blue sky and followed with my fingers on the keyboard. Thus all the music on the whole album is purely improvised. And as June turned into July and August, and I was editing the improvised tunes on my laptop on the increasingly cooler balcony, the swallows disappeared and the blueberries ripened at the feet of the pine trees just a few paces from my own feet, I began to see the dance of the swallows in the blueberries too. The electricity, the current of life, running through every single being in this universe was right there, in the swallows, in my fingers, in the blueberries, and I was in that tiny bead I call my body and everywhere else in time and space too, and to me it sounded like this album.

Released April 22 2022
Cat nr: lamour159dig
Design by H-M O
Mastered by Joakim Westlund

H-M O is a self-taught music artist (and poet, filmmaker and movement researcher) from Oulu, Finland, who especially enjoys creating experimental electronic music, because of the freedom of it. She loves creating worlds with sounds, much like painting with vibes or translating energies into tunes. She savors turning actual events into something more abstract as well as drawing the visceral effects of inner emotions in the air – making invisible visible and visible indefinite. ”I am an artist who loves to surprise herself by combining elements which when put together create something completely unexpected. I call it ‘a divine coincidence’ when two or more seemingly separate things complement each other in a way that they form a whole new entity larger and more complex than its parts (usually I recognize this happening by having chills up and down my spine). Because I started making music from a place of childlike curiosity and a desire to play, I think my sound is quite free and expressive in essence. I also strive for honesty when it comes to how I feel when creating music which I hope translates into tones, creating an organic vibe.”