Llarks – Blush

Blush presents two identically titled songs of gorgeous ambient drift. Cascading waves of guitar and rise and fall on side A, later accompanied by trumpet drones and an ever expanding arpeggiated melody beneath the delicate tumult. Side B reveals the minimal and hazy essence of the song as an interlaced set of tones forms an impressionistic melody. Analog recording presented here as a digital single and and precursor to the album “Come and Close Your Eyes” (out in 2020 on Lamour Records)

Released April 18 2022
Cat nr: lamour161
Design by Llarks

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Llarks is the ambient / drone project by guitarist & computer musician c.jeely. His music uses guitar, laptop & tape manipulation to create multilayered melodic compositions.
C has been actively releasing music since 1995 under previous projects Accelera Deck, September Plateau, The Trust Riots and more… 

Vital Weekly
“this is not a robot at work, but maybe that is only in the smaller details. Two sides of the same coin, two further explorations in guitar drone music and another perfect example of Llarks’ musical world; another one can use as an introduction. (FdW)”
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