LEHNBERG – Namah remixed vol 2 – released September 16th

LEHNBERGs second EP Namah get a real portion of remix love as 10 producers put their teeth in the material to create musical wonders in different generas. The remixes are being split into 2 parts.Here on part 2 we got the dub masters from Sandviken, [krig] with their minimal techno dub remix of Soldag. Richkard makes a lovely tech deep house remix. Stenbit takes inspiration from the early 90s with his remix of J, back to Sandviken for a technobanger from the awarded newcomers Mystic Order. We finish this remix marathon with the earlier cassette only remix of Namah by Slim Vic, a 30 minutes ambient masterpiece.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)

David Lehnberg has toured the world since the late 90s, especially in the band The Deer Tracks where both North America, Asia and Europe has been his home almost more than Sweden. Under the name Lehnberg he goes deeper into the magical electronic music world where the instrumental harmonies of broken beats, ambient and experimental lust forms a strong dreamlike experience.