Lisa Ullén-Nina de Heney duo feat Charlotte Hug – Quarrtsiluni – released september 30th

”Quarrtsiluni” is an Inuit term refering to a state of deep silence in which one sits together and waits until something is ready to burst.  It’s about the ancestor belief that all songs came from that deep silence. Their songs would come to the human consciousness as bubbles from oceanic depths.

This awaiting was done in the dark, and this was how their songs were born, admonishing in a common creative state maybe the spirit of the Great Whale; rituals unknown by us. Yet known;  beyond the remembered.

The six tracks on this digital album are about the collective human experience of listening and then expressing what has to be expressed. Therefore: songs, not pieces; songs from the core of silence, born in the same space of the unsung. The unsung that has to become a song in it’s own thriving necessity, burst-born.

Six improvised songs burst into the light of Studio Epidemin in June 2015 when this trio gathered a crop of sounds, rythmes and notes, maybe admonishing the spirit of an invisible great whale whose deep oceanic song then surfaced.

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The Lisa Ullén-Nina de Heney duo has in the past 10 years established itself as one of the most distinctive groups within the improvised scene in Europe, here joined by the astonishing avant-garde Swiss artist and musician Charlotte Hug on the alto violin.

All music by Ullén, de Heney, Hug
Recorded an mixed by Johannes Lundberg, Studio Epidemin
Mastered by Johannes Lundberg, Lisa Ullén, Nina de Heney
Produced by Ullén de Heney
Executive producer: Viktor Zeidner
Art Work: Son Icons by Charlotte Hug

Lisa Ullén (photo: Pawel Karnowski)

Nina de Heney (photo: Micke Keysendal)

Charlotte Hug (photo: Alberto Venzago)


Orkesterjournalen (in swedish)
“…och den är fullkomligt lysande. Lisa Ulléns piano, Nina de Heneys kontrabas, schweiziskan Charlotte Hugs altfiol … allt är bara wow!”
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