Ljudvägg – Transformation (Remixed)

Ljudväggs magic sound of piano and electronics takes one step further as we present ‘Transformation Remixed’. A celebration to all fine reviews, numerous radio plays and the love from music lovers all over the world.
Ambient deep trench producer AKB (Anna-Karin Berglund) tempts and surprises us with an organic deep house take setting you the best sunny chill mode. Rivet takes the song ‘Mekanik’ down to the ultradub area of the deep industrial minimal scene.
Dayin floats away with the song ‘Skogsrå’ and makes it an endless journey beyond each tree in the dark and living forest. Elin Piel makes the piano and electronic sound dance with each other as if they were new lovers.


Mastered av Joakim Westlund
Artwork by Linn Schrab
Cat nr: lamour109rmx

Listen to the original album Transformation here

Ljudvägg. Photo: Laimonis Brakss