Maneten – Remakes And Remodels

Remix culture! The power of revisions. The range of feeling in this release hits beyond Gefle City City. Maneten – Remakes And Remodels
All releases are based on fragments of Maneten’s double feature from summer of 2020. This first expansion pack takes on the deeper, atmospheric and more driving sounds of technologic sequencer based music. Starting off with Pistol Petes significant wonderful driving misty dubby house sounds that truly heighten a vocal sample regarding a brief history of Sweden in space. Jimmy Koskinen (Kontrast / TAKTIL) follow with a mad techno bomb take on ”Gym (Pump Track)”, especially for the basement. Lamour head honcho Slim Vic carefully sculpts a dubby deep, thumping & encapsulating groove recorded in the middle of Gefles biggest construction site, a skyline in transition. The enigmatic powerduo Mysic Order let out the high energy synthy tech/progressive sound, the type that’s open gray night skies with a cleansing rain. To round off the release Helsinkis Raul E (SMOOD / Noods Radio) present modern mind tickling sound, slow burning and hypnotic yet hopeful take on ”Future XL”.

01 – Esrange (Pistol Pete Depp Space 9mm Take)
02 – Gym (Pump Track) (Jimmy Koskinen Remix)
03 – Ghost Caller (Slim Vic Remix)
04 – Sun+Moon (Mystic Order Remix)
05 – Future XL (Raul E’s Personal Growth Remix)

Mastered by Joakim Westlund
Cat. nr: lamour133dig2

This second expansion pack takes on warmer and buzzin’ sound for ligher days, groovy meets fluid in this vacation-esque selection. Starting off with the full version of the superb house take on ’Love And Bass’ by one of swedens most productive and soulful houseproducers to date, Art Alfie (Velvet Pony, Barnhus etc). Shifting over to a beautiful sculpted re-touch of “Let It Run” by Paradisvägen (Christian Lundqvist / SKV18) that truly channels a warm breeze and classic suave pophouse feel. Moving on to Gävleborgs Läns ambient and Electronica-royalty Alpha Mound and AKB that steer the originals in a beautiful more sparse direction, Alpha with a beautiful guitar layered on top of a dubbed out “Stange Places” and AKB finishes the release with her version of “Swim 2 U”, the significant big and colorful ambient soundscapes.

01 – Love And Base (Art Alfie Remix)
02 – Let It Run (Paradisvägen Remix)
03 – Strange Places (Alpha Mound Remix)
04 – Swim 2 U (AKB Extended Mix)

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