Maneten – Too Love For Fast

Northern Swedens DJ-circuits softest maximalist Maneten (David Holm) is on with the next action packed feature ”Too Love For Fast”. Coming in hot from this summers double album release on Lamour Rec. The latest tracks is in the traditional collage/stack Maneten-style but with some extra thump. ”Too Love For Fast” covers topics of passion, the …

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Because We Love Music 2020!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all …

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Maneten – Once Upon A Time On The Internet

Cool! Found some love offline rite? Gefle’s city´s Maneten is back with a four track EP with the significant playful microwave house. A attempt to channel the space and air of early 2020 thru a pair of plastic shutter shades. The phonky sound of the over bloomed baltic riviera.

Maneten – FSV Edit 02

Retrograde front 2 back. In recent history Maneten got hold of a non encrypted HDD including the lost FinSpelarViktor (FSV) original jackin works. With some new love, mash, scramble & re-bump Lamour now proudly presents FSV Edits 2020. Significant Gevalia flavoured house party shit with some added fat milk & sugar. Stay up.