Oskar Moberg – Grå Materia (digital incl remixes) – Released October 28th

Grå Materia (Grey Matter) is a work inspired by the process itself; recorded live in one take using two tape recorders mounted with handmade tape loops, cut and taped together with old leftover / forgotten / unused tapes from the self-recorded archive and a few random found sounds from used tapes. The result is a warm, pulsating, vibrant and static slab of sound, in constant repetition and transformation at once.
Oskar Moberg is an eclectic music maker that currently resides in Gävle, Sweden, with a background in both alternative rock music and various noise excursions and more rhythmic, electronic soundscapes – the latter currently being exercised under the moniker of ULTRA EL!.

Grå Materia have been previously released as a cassette (without remixes)

01 – Öronmusslan
02 – Lysosomer
03 – Elektrokemi
04 – Grå Materia
05 – Stimuli
06 – Grå Materia (Alpha Mound Remix)
07 – Öronmusslan (LEHNBERG Remix)
08 – Grå Materia (Robin Forest Remix)
09 – Stimuli (Loed Remix)
10 – Grå Materia (Catterfly Remix)
11 – Öronmusslan (Slim Vic Remix)

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund (Alpha Mound)
Digital Artwork by Orkar Moberg