Singular – Två LP

Två‘ is the latest album from Malmö-based artist Singular. Electronica with acoustic piano as a starting point, we find ourselves in a borderland of contrasts; acoustic & electronic; simple & complex; rhythm & melody. The sound world has influences from both electronica, pop, jazz and art music. The goal is to achieve harmony between the shine and the sharp; the light and the heavy. Simple and effective melodies are placed in complex, often slightly skewed and chafing, sound environments. The end result is a singular vision in the form of an imaginative and multi-faceted sound experience.

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Mastered by Joakim Westlund


Rural Sounds
““Förvirring” carries with it a dark and mysterious atmosphere filled with beautiful glitches and samples that create layers upon layers of textured sounds. Opening the song is a hypnotic melody, one that leaves you in a state of trance. As the song slowly progresses and opens up, you find yourself next to a wall of ambient sounds. ”
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Industrial Daydreams
“Sounds of a dying city, amplified by static resonance. The rain will drown us all.”
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