SkarWorX – So Why Are You Here?

Seed-X vol.3 is the third and final album in the album trilogy Seed-X and will be released on April 21st 2023.
After the release of the first single Lille, it is now time for the second and last single So Why Are You Here? arriving on March 17th 2023.

– So Why Are You Here? is a track that sums up the entire Seed-X trilogy. I like the mix of different acoustic and electronic soundscapes, and So Why Are You Here? is a journey from the completely acoustic with piano and cello, to a completely electronic soundscape with drum machines and synths that implode at the end of the song. The song was also the first track I made with the French cellist Dorran Alibaud in mind, who I am lucky enough to have on this album. Together with the first single Lille, these songs show the musical and artistic range of the album, and I’m really looking forward to releasing the music, says SkarWorX.

Seed-X vol.3 marks the end of the ambitious and cross-genre album trilogy by SkarWorX. The music is cinematic, electronic and organic with clear inspiration from fellow pianists such as Òlafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm and Yann Tiersen. The music is released on the Swedish label Lamour Records.

Behind the music we find the Norwegian pianist and producer SkarWorX, who is best known for his work with the band Highasakite, of which he was a part from 2011 to 2017. The band released three albums during this period, two of which sold several times platinum. Furthermore, in the same period, the band won folk musician prizes, headlined the Øya Festival and sold out Oslo Spektrum. Since 2017, SkarWorX has also been successful with the band LÖV, which among other things guested both Senkveld on Norwegian national TV and Christine live på NRK on Norwegian national radio in 2020.

Released March 17th 2023
Cat nr: lamour180dig2
Composer: Øystein Skar
Producer: Øystein Skar
All instruments & programming, apart from cello: Øystein Skar
Cello: Dorran Alibaud
Recorded: Saga Studio & F63 studio
Mixed by: Jonas Kroon (Saga Studio)
Mastered by: Javed Kurd

SkarWorX – Photo by Kasia Kowalczyk


Samet Cemal Gökçimen
“SkarWorX’s So Why Are You Here? is an instrumental electronic track that features a combination of ambient sounds, beats, and synths. The track begins with a soft, soothing intro that sets the tone for the rest of the piece. As the track progresses, the beats become more prominent, providing a sense of urgency and energy. The synths add a layer of complexity and texture to the overall sound, creating a rich and immersive listening experience. One of the standout elements of So Why Are You Here? is the production quality. SkarWorX has done an excellent job of balancing the various elements of the track, allowing each to shine through while still maintaining a cohesive and unified sound. The transitions between different sections of the piece are seamless, creating a sense of flow and continuity throughout.”