State Charger – Tide as Currency (Alpha Mound Remix)

State Charger is an ambient project by American-born, Sweden-based sound designer Mike Downey. Grounded in improvisational looping and indebted to the golden age of outboard guitar effects, State Charger melds elements of field recordings and cassette manipulation into meditative arrangements.

Here we got a smooth transformation by Sandviken based ambient artist Alpha Mound that let us go deeper into the extended world of hypnotic ambient.

“I very much enjoy the sounds of State Chargers two albums from 2018. ”Temple Phase” and ”Swiss Flags”. The song ”Tide as Currency” from ”Temple Phase” in particular is one of my favorites. So naturally I wanted to tweak around with it. And State Charger was nice enough to let me. I thought a video work to accompany it seemed like a good idea. And I have tried to represent the flow of the audio in abstract visuals. Hope you enjoy!

The full video is available at either my or State Charger’s YouTube channels. The remix is released as a three-parter through Lamour Records digitally and is also including the original track by State Charger. Thanks to State Charger for letting me do this, and to Lamour for supporting it and putting it out there!

All tracks written by Mike Downey
Mastered by Joakim Westlund
cat nr: lamour092dig

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