Sven Fredrik – Sooner State Prince / Varial

Sven Fredrik is back with a first single from the upcoming album ‘Through The Rosen Bridge’.

Sven Fredrik’s characteristic drum-based electronica has now been refined and the songs give more room for experimentation and exploration of melodies. Space rock and cinematic electronica are interspersed with samples and a host of guest musicians.

On the song ‘Sooner State Prince‘ we hear a downtempo collaboration with Elin Skeppstedt. Elin has toured around the world with The Deer Tracks and Twiggy Frostbite and her magical voice fits perfectly with her unique instrument saw.
Varial is a full-blooded kraut journey where the secrets of space are given a soundtrack that is both timeless and forward-looking.

Released November 11 2022
Cat nr: lamour173dig
Mastered by William Blackmon
Artwork by David Rundlöf

Sven Fredrik