Lamour Sweden night at Loophole, Berlin

Daniel Araya (live analog techno)
Daphna Naphtali (US) (extraordinary experimental vocalist)
Slim Vic (Experimental DJ-set)
The SQ (impro electronics)
Deadpixel visual (VJ)

August the 23th
Loophole, Boddinstr. 60, 12053 Berlin

Lamour podcast #10 – Disco Noir Gbg

Disco Noir aka Lars Daniel Rehn is an artist and music lover.
Worked with club concept in Gothenburg since 2003 (among others School Disco, Lust In Space and Disco Noir, etc.) Since 2010, he has almost exclusively devoted himself to his painting, except for some DJ gigs here and there.

When he is not painting he stands, more than happy, at the turntables and “paint” music mixes instead.

“I want the music to go hand in hand with the story I describe in my paintings. Lately the step to create my own sounds approached more and more. Problem is that I’m pretty lazy and thinks technology and computers are so tedious.

The way I record the music is really complicated too much. No programs or the ability to edit. I’m very multi-media when I record. No scruples at all, just keep going on what is available, until it is ok, according to my standards. Would surely save lot of precious time if I allowed myself to cut and paste into a computer program first. You’ll hear it in the future, simply.”

Lamour podcast #10 Disco Noir Gbg by Lamourrecords on Mixcloud

Reportage om Lamour i AlltFö

alltformusik-logoHemsidan har skrivit ett fint reportage om Lamour. Hemsidan innehåller förutom köp och säljannonser massvis med sköna intervjuer och reportage.
Redaktionen bakom hemsidan besökte oss på Club Lamour den   23e april då de spelade underbar ambient under namnet If it´s under 20 minutes, it´s pop. Den spelningen kan ni lyssna på här som podcast. Reportaget hittar ni här