Catterfly – Catterfly Metamorphoses LP

Welcome to the strange world of Catterfly. Cosmic sex and unusual ideas of ambient and psychedelic electronica in a fantasy of metamorphoses. With inspiration from legends like Ralph Lundsten and Björn J:son Lindh, Catterfly takes the genre into a modern world of expressions and female power.

ZEBROS – Me and My Brother

Swedish brothers Martin and Viktor Zeidner are waking us up just in time for the festive summer season of 2022. Their first ever collaboration is a smorgasbord of sparkling emotions that will help you to navigate back to brighter days and a loving community.

Lounge Lamour på ‘Shoppingkväll i City’ 25 Maj

Lamour Podcast har fått den stora äran at hosta en Lounge Lamour på Stortorget i Gävle under Gävle Centrumsamverkans event ‘Shoppingkväll i City’Stortorget Gävle25 Maj 17.00 – 20.00 City bjuder på extra öppet till 20.00Shoppa, fika och ät gott.Fina erbjudanden från företagen.Lounge Lamour på Stortorget.Gävle City får besök av stans största podcast och tillika årets …

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