AKB – Söndagsbarn. Released April 1

AKB (Anna-Karin Berglund) goes solo and makes a musical U-turn with her debut EP ‘Söndagsbarn’. The last 10 years, AKB has been touring the world with bands Twiggy Frostbite and The Deer Tracks, but now she has replaced the pop music with spacey ambient.

Yair Etziony – 3 Stigmata – Released November 20

The album 3 Stigmata is based upon the dystopian novel ’The 3 stigmata of Palmer Eldrige’ by science fiction writer Philip K Dick. The results is a futuristic music journey in the spirit of the book and takes turns from ambient. modern composition, new age music and Krautrock.

Lamour podcast #14 – Alpha Mound

Lamour podcast #14 welcomes once again Alpha Mound from the city of steel, Sandviken. He is presenting here an exclusive new lovely ambient piece that fits perfectly on the cold dark autumn nights. Lamour podcast #14 – Alpha Mound by Lamourrecords on Mixcloud