Slim Vic

Slim Vic – Mörkrets Narr Remixed

Slim Vic’s farewell album to the dark ambient genre is now transformed into a beat-based universe where trance music and electronica with trip-hop influences can occur. Oort Cloud Services and Svensk Hushållssynth are both heroes in the Swedish underground scene where the collective and helpful take place and be celebrated.

skarworx – Lille (Slim Vic Remix)

The second single ‘So Why Are You Here?’ from skarworx gets a brand new ambient suit in a remix signed by AKB. Based on the same compelling piano and cello original but with a new, smoothly reverberated ambient framework to rest within. Suspended in time and place but still perpetually moving forward toward the inevitable crescendo and subsequent release.

Diego Narvaez – From Nowhere

From Ecuador to Sweden and back.
The very prominent DJ and producer Diego Narvaez from Quito in Ecuador puts his dance floor beats to rest and steps into the beautiful world of ambient music.

Christopher Andersson Bång – Farewell To Dunkeld (Slim Vic Remix)

Farewell To Dunkeld was written by Christopher during a residency in Dunkeld in Scotland and is released on his album 1000 Years. The song’s waltz beat connected with producer Slim Vic, who began arranging and remixing the song into a stripped-down version where the folk sounds are mixed with ambient and a touch of the modern classical genre.