Slim Vic

Slim Vic – Finnskogen

The album Finskogen is an instrumental story about the inaccessible forest lands in western Gästrikland where Skogsfinnar (Swedish Finns) were populated in the early 17th century.

ZEBROS – Me and My Brother

Swedish brothers Martin and Viktor Zeidner are waking us up just in time for the festive summer season of 2022. Their first ever collaboration is a smorgasbord of sparkling emotions that will help you to navigate back to brighter days and a loving community.

En afton med BRITA! -Releasefest för musiken från filmen BRITA- Blod, Svett och Stål

Den 29/4 firar vi internationella dansens dag och bjuder in er till en svängig dansafton! Vi visar den wrestling-baserade dansfilmen ”BRITA – Blod, Svett och Stål” med levande musik av Görgen Antonsson och Viktor “Slim Vic” Zeidner. Samtidigt som filmen visas i sin helhet på stor duk ger folktronic-duon Görgen med G och Slim Vic den mäktiga originalmusiken. Missa inte detta unika tillfälle att uppleva filmen och musiken på ett helt nytt sätt!

AKB & Slim Vic – Pluto

We take off from the ground and head out into space with Pluto as our destination. The attracting forces of the sounds, the melodies and the air intertwine, forming an intricate soundscape. It is a dream and a fantasy about a world beyond our own, where memories and thoughts take place in an endless space. 

Aatom – Haumea (Slim Vic Remix)

We welcome Sussex based Aatom and his beautiful organic ambient to Lamour Records. Label head Slim Vic has transformed his music into a modern classical remix. The original track was written about Haumea, a dwarf planet in the kuiper belt. It is weirdly egg shaped and covered in ice. What if the ice would melt? Could it be capable of sustaining life? A life, albeit weird, with elongated lifeforms due to reduced gravity. The planet is named after a goddess of fertility.