Singular – Öst

This full-throttle IDM-banger is flanked by four splendid remixes from Swedish electronic legends Andreas Tilliander and Rivet and two rising stars: Catterfly and Nano Ona.

Yair Etziony – Pipo

Sometime in 2021 Yair Etziony decided to compose a record dedicated to one of his best friends, Pipo. After a year’s work, Yair finished the album, crafting what he calls “the sound of friendship” using different instruments: from analog synths to cutting edge plugins and digital effects.

Göteborgselektronikerna – Retrospektiv

Göteborgselektronikernas kritikerrosade debutalbum “Nattrafik” var en hyllning till hemstaden Göteborg. Med teman som kretsade kring hamnstadens olika miljöer och med hitsingeln “Hållplatz” som följer 11:ans spårvagn genom staden, blandade bandet klassiska musikaliska referenser som Kraftwerk och Daft Punk, med stadens puls genom dygnets alla timmar.

Slim Vic – Finnskogen

The album Finskogen is an instrumental story about the inaccessible forest lands in western Gästrikland where Skogsfinnar (Swedish Finns) were populated in the early 17th century.

Catterfly – Catterfly Metamorphoses LP

Welcome to the strange world of Catterfly. Cosmic sex and unusual ideas of ambient and psychedelic electronica in a fantasy of metamorphoses. With inspiration from legends like Ralph Lundsten and Björn J:son Lindh, Catterfly takes the genre into a modern world of expressions and female power.