Llarks – Come and Close Your Eyes

Llarks is back with his third album on Tape Lamour!
Recorded throughout 2018 these songs represent Llark’s music at it’s most beautiful. From the opening swirl of “Imagine”, the grand melodies of the title track, and the searing heartbroken guitar line of “Ghost Lake Acrobat”, Come and Close Your Eyes establishes itself as a simply gorgeous and heartfelt album. The atmosphere continues with the immaculate roar of the aptly titled “Squallflowers”, and the delicate chime of the equally apt title “Lullachime”. By the time the final drone of “Virga Blue” fades we hope you will be reminded that all forms of music can be a steadfast hope in the face of challenge. Continue reading


nordBeck – Följare

Följare by nordBeck is a four-part composition based on recordings of an old school piano from Pauliskolan in Malmö. The sounds have then been processed in the studio. The title is based on the electronics following the acoustic sounds. Continue reading


Slim Vic – FSV Edit 05

Once upon a time the ambient wizard Slim Vic was a real jackin funkmaster on the wheels of steal and in the studio. So to celebrate the old alias FSV he made a fresh disco house edit and we can all for the first time enjoy this lost banger. Released on Lamours sublabel ‘Interna Klubben’. Continue reading


Avra & Ida Long – All the shit that you do

Lamour proudly presents new collaboration between the artists Avra & Ida Long.
Avra has his background in the techno and house scene where he is one half of the duo Monotik. Now he creates a deeper side with quirky deep house that perfectly matches Ida Long’s unique voice! Ida Long’s career extends from her own indie-pop solo project to lots of artist collaborations such as Baron Bane and dÁrc. Her music has been heard in TV shows and various contexts both in Sweden and in Asia.

The song All the shit that you do is the first of several singles in the pipeline. The song is about addiction to love that is not always on the positive side. Continue reading


Bottenvikens Silverkyrka & Italo Bitches – I Want Your Space

I Want Your Space is a collaboration between Italo Bitches and Bottenvikens Silverkyrka. In 2020, the exstellar italo force joined hands with the northern acid congregation to create music about space, eternity and desire. The result is the track I Want Your Space, a glistening hybrid that energizes your ear canals with throbbing acid-italo bass, alien synths, whirling organ and heavenly choirs. Continue reading


Niels Gordon – Land (Release May 15)

Outside of Gothenburg, Sweden just where you feel the distance to the city and the forests starts to grow deep. That’s where Niels Gordon creates his music. Inspired by the woodlands that surrounds him as well as his dreams of the great cities of Europe.

On the 15th of May Niels Gordons debut album is released on vinyl and digitally via Lamour Records. Just like on Niels previous releases he offers soothing electronic music with hints to the cosmic 70s scene as well as the more electronic acts of the krautrock era.
Continue reading


AKB – Marianergraven Remixed vol. 1

AKB’s debut album Marianergraven has been celebrated since its release earlier this year. The album has attracted far and wide attention, not least in European press and radio. Now it’s time to dive even deeper into the grave and let the sound waves get minimized, maximized and mixed up with beats!
Through seven remixes from interesting producers in the Swedish underground scene, an alternate version of the deep sea trench’s secrets emerges! Kraut, melodic house, more ambient and a little techno.

Go enjoy yet another moment below the surface! Continue reading


Maneten – FSV Edit 03

Part 3 of 3 from Manetens FSV Edits is here! Retrograde front 2 back. In recent history Maneten got hold of a non encrypted HDD including the lost FinSpelarViktor (FSV) original jackin works. With some new love, mash, scramble & re-bump Lamour now proudly presents FSV Edits 2020. Significant Gevalia flavoured house party shit with some added fat milk & sugar. Stay up. Continue reading