Slim Vic – Finnskogen

The album Finskogen is an instrumental story about the inaccessible forest lands in western Gästrikland where Skogsfinnar (Swedish Finns) were populated in the early 17th century.

Catterfly – Catterfly Metamorphoses LP

Welcome to the strange world of Catterfly. Cosmic sex and unusual ideas of ambient and psychedelic electronica in a fantasy of metamorphoses. With inspiration from legends like Ralph Lundsten and Björn J:son Lindh, Catterfly takes the genre into a modern world of expressions and female power.

ZEBROS – Me and My Brother

Swedish brothers Martin and Viktor Zeidner are waking us up just in time for the festive summer season of 2022. Their first ever collaboration is a smorgasbord of sparkling emotions that will help you to navigate back to brighter days and a loving community.

H-M O – Electric Blueberries

In June 2020 I was sitting on our balcony watching swallows play high up in the sky, and I found myself wondering where these particular swallows had come from, feeling somewhat jealous of their freedom, wishing I too could simply take off and fly wherever I wanted to.

Robin Forest – You and The Wind

On his new EP ‘You and the Wind’, Robin Forest looks inward to the calm and serenity of the ambient genre. Thanks to the pandemic’s emptiness, more time for introspection arose where Robin began to explore more acoustic instruments in his composing, especially the piano.