Motormännen – Reformellt – Released February 19

Motormännen has made a huge impact in Sweden with its unique & successful information Techno. ’Informal’, their debut album has been praised countless times by the press and caught the attention of Sweden’s hottest techno producers as Manic Brothers, Inter Gritty, Nima Khak & Ragnar Atari takes the concept of Swedish welfare into the darkest …

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Yair Etziony – 3 Stigmata – Released November 20

The album 3 Stigmata is based upon the dystopian novel ’The 3 stigmata of Palmer Eldrige’ by science fiction writer Philip K Dick. The results is a futuristic music journey in the spirit of the book and takes turns from ambient. modern composition, new age music and Krautrock.

Oskar Moberg – Grå Materia cassette released august 8

Grå Materia (Grey Matter) is a work inspired by the process itself; recorded live in one take using two tape recorders mounted with handmade tape loops, cut and taped together with old leftover / forgotten / unused tapes from the self-recorded archive and a few random found sounds from used tapes.