Olle Oljud

Because We Love Music 2022!

Since 2015, Lamour has presented the massive love bomb ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical diversity of the label and collects artists associated with the label and community. During December we deliver new songs every day, released on Spotify and for free price on Bandcamp. Ambient, techno and all electronic stuff in between. We do this – because we love music!

Hej Kassett (tapefest)

8 augusti 12.00 – 15.00 Gräsmattan utanför Länsmuseet Release av kassett “Grå Materia” med livespelning av Oskar Moberg Livespelning av Olle Åberg & Slim Vic Försäljning av kassetter från Lamour Record Store Mer aktiviteter tillkommer Fri entré