Niels Gordon – Inner Grounds / Woodlands (Remixed)

Niels Gordons debut album Land was released this spring and received great reviews in press and radio. The cosmic Berlin-School sounds on the album has now gotten a load of remixes, in a classic Lamour-spirit. The sparse arrangements of intricate harmonies and ethereal rhythms have been amplified, modulated, energized and even calmed with gentle hands. 

Because We Love Music! 2018

For the fourth year in a row, Lamour presents ‘Because We Love Music’. A collection of music that shows the musical range of the label and collects artists associated with Lamour.

Oskar Moberg – Grå Materia (digital incl remixes) – Released October 28th

Grå Materia (Grey Matter) is a work inspired by the process itself; recorded live in one take using two tape recorders mounted with handmade tape loops, cut and taped together with old leftover / forgotten / unused tapes from the self-recorded archive and a few random found sounds from used tapes. The result is a …

Oskar Moberg – Grå Materia (digital incl remixes) – Released October 28th Read More »

NDV – Spine pressure – released October 10th

Spine Pressure is a collaboration between producers from Tel Aviv, Israel and Gävle, Sweden. NDVs orginal elctronica got this nice touch of drum n bass from Yair Etziony, folktronica of Emma Sörensens project Catterfly and rolling techno from Lamour label boss himself Slim Vic